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Welcome to ME! Um…what else? I pretty much run the show around here. I can run and jump and kick the fastest, highest, and like nobody’s business. If I had to pick one word to describe myself it would probably be “fluffy puff marshmallows” or Michael. Either one really…they both fit. In closing, I look good in blue.

"In so many ways, these places--support groups, twelve-step recovery groups, demolition derbies--they've come to serve the role that organized religion used to. We used to go to church to reveal the worst aspects of ourselves, our sins. To tell our stories. To be recognized. To be forgiven. And to be redeemed, accepted back into our community. This ritual was our way to stay connected to people, and to resolve our anxiety before it could take us so far from humanity that we would be lost. In these places I found the truest stories. In support groups. In hospitals. Anywhere people had nothing left to lose, that's where they told the most truth.

We live our lives according to stories. About being Irish or being black. About working hard or shooting heroin. Being male or female. And we spend our lives looking for evidence--facts and proof--that support our story. As a writer, you just recognize that part of human nature. Each time you create a character, you look at the world as that character, looking for the details that make that reality the one true reality."
~Stranger Than Fiction, Chuck Palahniuk.

I am both a dreamer and a storyteller.
~My milk carton.

“There’s things [sic…] about me you just have to know.”
~Sometimes, Britney Spears

I am quite possibly the worst person ever in existence.
~Bonnie, my roommate. (She makes me cake.)

You know that I love cake.
~The Cake Song, Stephanie/Lazy Town
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