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Twitter Time - Michael
June 6th, 2009
09:02 am


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Twitter Time
  • 12:30 is still awake. unbelievable. good thing I don't have anything to do tonight except go to bed early. #
  • 18:20 boss said she'd call me so I could pick up my check today. she didn't. still haven't been paid for April 30th. do I quit yet? #
  • 18:23 waited by the phone all day for that phone call, by the way. haven't slept. too stressed to sleep now. #
  • 18:29 called his mom to ask her if he could quit his job. she says no. also, had to stop in the middle of the story so she could vomit. FHL. :( #
  • 07:53 happy birthday @mywillowtree and @teamweinstein ! also, happy birthday Tetris, which you know...doesn't have a Twitter because it's a thing. #
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